A limited-edition collection of nine classic & reissued styles

Infusing chic accessories with his signature tongue-in-cheek personality, Parisian designer Jérôme Dreyfuss creates bags that are instantly recognizable for their exquisite craftsmanship and unique details.

Each of the nine iconic styles in this collaboration were chosen by the designer from his archive of personal favorites.

Aymeline Valade's Parisian Gems

Model and girl-about-town @aymelinevalade knows a thing or two about Paris. From her favorite bookstore to where she loves relaxing with friends, she shares her hidden gems in the city of light – all while wearing her favorite bags from the Jérôme Dreyfuss for THE OUTNET collection.

'This is my favorite restaurant – I love their organic food and clean juices and appreciate the Scandinavian furniture and minimalist décor. Basically, I feel at home here.'

Restaurant Supernature
15 rue de Trevise
75009 Paris


'This is a courtyard at a friend’s place close to the Canal Saint Martin in the 10th. I love spending time here and chilling with my friends.'

'I love this bookshop, which specializes in fashion, photography and architecture books. There’s also a gallery where many artists are presented. It’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon and I never leave without a few new books.'

Ofr Bookshop
20 rue Dupetit-Thouars
75003 Paris


Garance Doré On The Jérôme Dreyfuss Woman

'The Jérôme Dreyfuss woman is quintessentially Parisian — she’s busy, always on the go, independent and effortlessly beautiful (or at least that’s what she wants you to believe)! She’s not one to change outfits for every occasion — she stays very much true to herself. She loves a handbag that emulates her personality and a piece that she can easily carry from day to night.'
@garancedore, founder and CEO of Garance Doré & @studiodore

'She would carry this bag to go to a Sunday lunch at Merci’s cafe with jeans and a Perfecto.'

'The Jérôme Dreyfuss woman would carry this bag biking, wearing a floral printed dress, en route to the park for a picnic with friends.'

'She’d carry this bag to a rock concert and for drinks with friends, wearing a leather jacket, a V-neck top and wide-leg black pants.'

'I could imagine her carrying this bag at a local book shop while wearing cropped pants, a sweater and Oxford shoes.'

'She’d wear this bag with cropped denim pants, a furry coat and headphones, and would carry it while walking down the street.'


In Conversation With Jérôme Dreyfuss

When did you know you wanted to be a designer?
I’m from a small city in the east of France, where I got bored really young – there was nothing to do but watch the rain falling outside my window. One day, when I was 12, I was listening to the radio and I heard Serge Gainsbourg talking about how he was ugly, but he realized he could use his musical talent to seduce the most beautiful women in the world! I myself had a huge complex about what talent I had to seduce women and, as I loved clothes, I thought maybe I should try and make some clothing.

The next day, I bought a mannequin from a store that was closing down, some fabric, and I started to sew. After a few weeks, I saw some girls at school and I told them, ‘I think you’re really pretty, and I’m doing dresses – would you like to try them on?’ They did – and at that moment I knew I would be OK.

What led to the creation of your first bag?
It started as a joke with some friends. We were having a dinner at home with my girlfriend and some friends, and I noticed that they all arrived with bags from the flea market, and I asked why. They all had the same explanation, which was that you could only find bags with logos everywhere, and that were very heavy. I joked that I would make them some bags that would be light — so it all started as a joke.

I’m interested in real women, which is why I watch my friends and girlfriend to see what their needs are. My girlfriend is, how do you say… a mess! So I started doing bags to try to organize her life and my life as well — to avoid having those silly fights in the morning over 'I’ve lost my keys again, I’ve lost my wallet!'

What’s your favorite thing about the limited-edition capsule collection?
I was really happy to have the opportunity to do some of these bags again. The market changes so fast now, we’ve been obliged to cancel some pieces even when we like them. This was an opportunity to redo some of the pieces I liked so much, and I’m really happy about it.

Complete the sentence: 'The perfect handbag is...'

How do you come up with the names for your bags? Why do they all have male names?
Each season, generally, during a dinner, a male friend will say to me, ‘I don’t have a bag in my name!’ So I do one in his name!

I thought the men’s names would last for one season. After that, though, we received so much mail from clients that said, ‘Dear Mr. Dreyfuss, I hate you – I was having a love affair with Billy, and now I’ve met Momo, I only want to cheat!’

What other design signatures would you say are unique to your brand?
When you lose your keys or your wallet, the little flashlight I put inside every bag helps – and it makes women laugh!

I would also say that all of my bags are really supple, soft and light.

How would your friends describe you?
I know they always say I’m funny. After 20 years, my girlfriend says she still laughs at my stupid jokes!

The Limited-Edition Collection