Our minds have been in a constant state of dizziness this past year. All the ups and downs, turn-it-all arounds, it’s enough to make anyone’s head a little fuzzy — but Proenza Schouler is giving us a glimmer of hope. As spring approaches and we see the glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, something else emerges in our eyeline: A clear vision of dynamic silhouettes and enticing prints with an unmistakable urban appeal. It could only be one thing, our exclusive collection with the beloved New York label.

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The iconic womenswear and accessories brand, founded in 2002 by designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, draws inspiration from contemporary art and youth culture, the creations feel abstract and fun but with an emphasis on tailoring that brings structure and a grounded energy to these otherwise surreal garments. The same ethos and aesthetic are prevalent in the brand’s exclusive capsule for THE OUTNET. Consisting of 27 unique pieces, all constructed in signature, archive fabrics and prints from previous collections but in a combination that has never been seen before. Featuring strong tailoring, structured dresses and laid-back printed tees, the seasonless collection is ideal for updating our wardrobes while still maintaining the nonchalance that is so prevalent in our current climate.

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A Q&A with

Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez: Designers, Proenza Schouler

Tell us about how your partnership with THE OUTNET came about, and why this opportunity excited you? Can you tell us about the collection and how you came to choose these particular prints and silhouettes?

“Net-a-Porter has been a big supporter of Proenza Schouler over the years, so we were first connected to THE OUTNET through our relationship with them. THE OUTNET has been an amazing avenue for us repurpose fabrics we may have left over after a production run and upcycle them in new and interesting ways. Many of the styles offered through this capsule are variations of some of our favorite or bestselling pieces from past seasons but cut in completely new fabrics to create styles that have never been seen before and are exclusive to THE OUTNET. Sustainability is something we have been focused on internally, and this has been an incredible exercise in using what we have to create something that feels fresh and new.”

What was the experience like of revisiting past collections? Did it bring up any particular feelings?

It's always a thought-provoking experience going back to older collections, and we don’t do it too often. When we are done with a collection, we usually move straight on to the next, but having the opportunity to look back is nostalgic, and takes us to the place and time where those ideas originated, not unlike looking back through an old photo album. We are proud to find that many of the things in our past still feel completely relevant and interesting. This kind of lasting, never-aging quality is a big focus in the work we do and so it’s always nice to find that many pieces have that evergreen quality we strive for. 

How do you see this product fitting into customers wardrobes given the current climate?

For this capsule collection, we focused on styles that had a seasonless quality to them — things that felt easy and relaxed and would work well both in today’s socially-limited climate, and when the world begins to reopen and normalize (which we hope is not too far in the distant future). These are limite-run pieces, and that is this kind of uniqueness that we see women all around us responding to right now. We need to make clothes that work for our current work-from-home culture, but it is just as important to give women the joy of dreaming of a day when we will all be able to congregate and enjoy each other’s company once again.