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Delicate, luxurious and irresistibly soft – those are just a few reasons why we adore wearing cashmere so much. We love this natural fiber in a number of different guises, whether it’s the comfiest sweaters, warm cardigans or cozy accessories. But to ensure yours lasts the test of time, you have to show it some much-needed TLC. We called upon cashmere connoisseurs at N. Peal, Autumn Cashmere, Duffy, Chinti & Parker and Charli to reveal their expert tips on how to care for your favorite luxury knits at home. Keep scrolling to uncover the 3 steps to caring for your cashmere…

Blue cashmere sweater


Preparation before washing: Turn the garment inside out to prevent (additional) pilling and general abrasion.

The best washing method: “Cashmere is a protein fiber, much like our own hair and responds well to the same gentle washing approach.” Founder at Chinti & Parker Anna Singh suggests you “soak your cashmere for at least 15 minutes in lukewarm water, and then just swish and lightly squish the sweater around in the soapy water. Hand washing will always produce the best results for your cashmere garments.”

An alternative washing method: Hand washing is preferable, but there are other ways. The cashmere specialists at N.Peal always “recommend hand washing your garments, though if you must, a washing machine can be used – BUT– you must wash on a delicate cycle at maximum 30 degrees. Warm temperatures will cause any knitwear to shrink.”

Best detergents & washing temperatures: The specialists from Autumn Cashmere advise that the “best temperature is cold. We would recommend Woolite or The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo. Tablets might be too harsh.”


Step 1:

“Layout on a large towel and let dry naturally,” explains the knits experts at Duffy

Step 2:

Press to remove water, repeating, if necessary. Another tried and tested method? “Roll the towel up, jelly-roll style, with the cashmere item in the middle. Apply pressure to the towel then unroll, laying the item flat on another clean towel to finish air-drying,” advise the team at Charli.

Step 3:

During the drying process, gently reshape by hand. Never wring or twist the material as it will lose its original shape

Step 4:

Once dry, steam or iron inside out on lowest setting with a damp cloth – always keep the iron moving

Tip: Do not tumble dry and avoid hanging as it can misshape your knits

How to dry cashmere pink sweater


Where? The Duffy team urge you to “store in a breathable sweater storage bag, preferably not plastic as air needs to circulate. Keep your wardrobe and storage area clean and dust free.”

How? Ms. Singh at Chinti & Parker warns you to “never put cashmere away dirty!” and she advises you instead to “store your cashmere in a drawer or storage box with cedar balls, these are great to store with cashmere as moths don’t like the smell.” Another tip is to “get into the habit of opening your drawers once a month and giving your cashmere pieces a good shake.”

Why? “Moths are after soiled, worn cashmere – not clean cashmere,” clarifies the knitwear gurus at Autumn Cashmere. Moths are mostly attracted to “the oils and food stains in cashmere not the fabric itself.”