Chaotic years such as this have us all thinking ‘what does the future hold?’ So, we’ve asked Violetta Lazé, astrologer, intuitive healer, and spiritual life and relationship coach that exact question. She has served as a guide in the transformation of high-achieving professional women and men from all over the world as well as serving as a creative consultant, helping to align your style with the stars. What does this cosmic expert see on the horizon? She has your year all mapped out for you…

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Are you ready to express yourself more authentically? Straight-forward Sagittarius will learn how to refine their communication this year. As much as people admire your ability to be intensely honest, maybe it’s time to reevaluate how you come across when you speak. Have you been too brash with your speech lately? It’s not what you say but how you say it. With disciplinary Saturn in your 3rd house of communication; thinking, and speaking, you will learn how to communicate effectively and clearly in your personal and professional life. The 3rd house is about learning from other people so you may be confronted with a situation where someone will push you to state and set firm boundaries with them. It’s a year about expressing your needs with others and yourself. You may be drawn to speak and write more this year since the 3rd house represents writing as well. As an adventurous spirit, you hold stories yet to be told. You love to travel all over the world but also within your mind. Perhaps there is a book waiting to be written or a passion project waiting to be born.

Ruled by abundant and expansive Jupiter, anything you put your mind and hands on have the Midas touch. You will be feeling like a student of the universe this year as you learn new ways of behaving and thinking creatively. This will inspire you to dress scholarly, intellectual, and sophisticated. Berets, stockings, knee high socks, tweed jackets and skirts, button down collared shirts. Your colors this year that will make you feel engaged and curious are emerald green, sea blue.

December 22 – January 19

Are you ready to survive and thrive? You’ve worked your butt off to have what you have today, you're the highest achiever in the zodiac after all. Get your hustle on by turning last year's ideas into a lucrative harvest. Be mindful of the question: do you own your things or do your things own you? The true valued possession is your heart and soul. As you learn to live minimally, so will the way you dress. Declutter your closet and donate anything that you feel doesn't speak volumes to your aesthetic appeal. You will feel prone to wear items that are luxurious yet comfortable. Think flowy silhouettes that make you feel like you're dressed for an occasion, yet comfortable enough to move and breathe in. Simplicity is key.

January 20 – February 18

Are you ready to fully receive your blessings this year? Your independent spirit may have felt drained from taking care of so many of your family and friends, that you may have left out time for yourself. That all changes now, as you will feel renewed within your social circles along with your new creative ideas that will feel like a breath of fresh air. Be brave enough to put your face and name out there. The world is ready for you! Since you will be reinventing yourself this year, so too will your wardrobe. You will be focused on your image and the impressions you make in the world with how you dress. Rules? What are those? With all of the radical changes this year, you will be feeling self-assured and radiant. This will reflect your sense of style through statement pieces that will make your presence speak for itself.


Are you ready to heal yourself so that you can heal the world? This year is all about taking a deep dive into your healing and accessing your subconscious mind. You will feel the need to withdraw for spiritual restoration; therapy, yoga, and meditation are your tools. In this space of isolation, you will unveil hidden talents and desires while gaining deeper intimacy with yourself. After taking this quality time with yourself, you will emerge out of the ocean like a mermaid who's self-actualized with profound insight  Your presence will be extra magnetic this year and it's an ideal time to go out there and take some risks followed by the guidance of your heart — this means call out your inner stylist! You can feel out a trend before it actually becomes one, self-transcendence will call you to dress like an ethereal goddess.

March 21 – April 19

Are you ready to put your lessons into action? The past year has burnt you out and may have scorched your inner flames. This year you are picking yourself back up with resilience to fight for the change you want to have in your life. Pay attention to the genius instincts that flash into your mind at the speed of light and expect to experience a divine spark of inspiration that will shake up your career. With your pioneering and brazen spirit, you will be drawn to wear pieces that are unique and have not been overdone. You'll be setting your own trends this year dear ram — the way you normally do. You want to be taken slightly more seriously this year, so you'll be drawn to garments that are not so loud or bold. Think sensual yet conservative through midi-length skirts and dresses, tweed, knee-length boots with unique heels and suede jackets.

APRIL 20 – MAY 20

Are you ready to reclaim your own sense of authority? This year sets your career goals on fire! Prepare to be a powerhouse in your area of expertise. You'll be motivated to be highly productive as you reach new heights with accomplishments so put in the necessary time to dream of and act on those lofty aspirations of yours. Don't forget to ground yourself while you're out there conquering the world. And as you make big strides this year, you will want to look the part to feel the part. Your wardrobe will consist of an earthy and professional presence that screams “I mean business.”

MAY 21 – JUNE 21

Are you ready to expand your mind, share your knowledge and learn new things? Communication is your strong suit and you’ve learned how to be flexible maintaining human connection. Now, you’re ready to expand your mind by learning about a topic that is of interest; perhaps a spiritual discipline such as yoga or meditation, or even study a different culture and learn their language. As you expand your knowledge you expand your style as well. This year, your wardrobe is expanding along with your mind — think tasteful comfort. You can be drawn to wearing clothes that are open and airy such as oversized sweaters, wide-legged pants, open-front jackets and cardigans.

JUNE 22 – JULY 22

Are you ready to dive into the depths of your soul to cleanse your past and pave the way to your new future? Release the past once and for all. Those memories are not serving you and the cosmos are urging you to do the psychological work to think ahead and not behind. All your inklings and hunches will seem to be right on target. You will be inclined to let your freak flag fly out more by embracing your sexuality. Follow your strong intuition to navigate the unknown, your emotions are king this year. Your soul will be evolving into power and gravitas this year and so will your wardrobe. You might hear the call to explore what you find taboo and risqué in fashion. Think sexy, mysterious and daring: body-hugging dresses, corset tops, lace bodysuits, velvet, leather, sheer and mesh material.


Are you ready to pounce into this year with vigor and oomph? You should be, particularly when it comes to sashaying into the area of partnerships. With Saturn, the planet of karmic lessons, in your seventh house of partnerships, the focus will be on relationships — both professional and romantic. Soften your guard to let love of all kinds in and try to release any judgments. You may befriend, partner, or collaborate with someone you least expect that will end up influencing your life long-term. The stars are urging you to utilize this time to take stock of the relationships that make you feel alive versus the ones that deplete you and bring you down. You deserve anything and everything. You’re the zodiac’s star after all!

Your fashion sense will be influenced by your newly-evolved spirit through the understanding of your relationship dynamics. You might feel tender yet empowered this year so you may be inclined to dress a little softer than your usual bold manner. Less is more this year, you fierce lioness. Think elegant and poised with long dresses and slit-to-the-knee skirts. Soft pastels such as gold, yellow and pink are your colors of the year and will allow you to feel powerful and confident.

August 23 – September 22

Are you ready to give yourself the gift of healing before you heal others? You are the ultimate healer of the zodiac and it's your duty to be of service to others, but this year is all about filling your cup first. Release your inner perfectionist and critic as you make mundane yet very important changes. Your head and heart will be inspired to invest in work projects that bring value to humanity, but don't bite off more than you can chew. Remember, your wellness is the main priority before anyone else's. When it comes to your fashion sense this year, you'll feel like dressing as an earth goddess who's peacefully walking barefoot on damp soil.


Are you ready to walk the red carpet of your own fame and romance movie? Lights, camera, action! This year you’ll feel like you’re getting an ardent dose of passion in your personal affairs — the center of attention and exposed to the world. You’ve been chipping away at your career goals and this year the cosmos are saying you can take a break from overthinking and overworking. For you, this year is a time of rejuvenation and recreation! With excitement and passion igniting your spirit, you will feel called to dress bolder than your normal, sophisticated manner. You will choose garments that are showstoppers and make you feel like a superstar.

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Are you ready to fully embrace new levels of comfort in your home and body? Vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness, and your loved ones will not take advantage of it once you expose that side of yourself. You may think of adding an additional member to the family, whether that's a baby or an animal. You might feel an urge to redecorate or move to a completely different state, maybe even country, but don’t rush to put that “for sale” sign up just yet. Since you are expanding past your comfort zone, your fashion sense will be quite literally influenced by comfort. You will be feeling soft and wholesome this year, so you will be prone to wearing casual, relaxed-fit garments.