Extending the life of luxury is in our heritage. THE OUTNET has been offering previous-season goods since its launch in 2009, providing new opportunities for stylish, luxury and high-quality products. Our next steps will see us develop our purpose, as we aim to contribute more holistically to a more sustainable and circular future for fashion. 

‘Considered’ is what we commit to be on our long-term sustainability journey. We will be considered by: accelerating our efforts to make responsible products more available for our customers, creating a more informative shopping journey to enable conscious choices, using technology, tools and content to empower circularity solutions, and nurturing our community. Our aim is to reduce our own environmental impact and inspire ourselves, colleagues, brands, partners and customers to adopt a more considered approach together.

As part of YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP, THE OUTNET’s Considered Pledge is supported by Infinity, our Group’s sustainability strategy to 2030. Infinity is designed to advance sustainability, leveraging circularity and promoting inclusivity, and connecting people with the joy of luxury and fashion that lasts a lifetime through 12 commitments and four focus areas. The aim of Infinity is to deliver lasting luxury fashion that leaves an enduring positive impact.

Read more about our four key focus areas — Product, Considered Journey, Circularity and Community — below.

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We promise to champion considered fashion and conscious shopping choices by ensuring that quality and responsibly crafted products are made more readily available to our customers. To do so, we have committed to ensure our private label is fully designed for sustainability and circularity by 2025, and we’re working to expand visibility of brand partners who are committed to the highest environmental and social standards.

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At THE OUTNET, we believe that clothing should be made to last. For this reason, we are relaunching our in-house label, Iris & Ink, as a considered brand of the future. The fall/winter 2021 collection will be crafted from more considered processes that comply to high-standard certifications and practices, and lower-impact, organic and recycled materials. We are proud that 66% of this collection will already be compliant with YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP’s sustainability and circularity product framework under its Infinity strategy. As we progress in our journey, we hope to reach 100% compliance by 2025.

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Through our buying strategy, we will work hard to identify and source brand partners to complement our existing offering, operating with those who are committed to supporting circularity, diversity and innovation. We are proud to have partnered with brands including GANNI, Proenza Schouler and Erdem to produce dedicated capsules, created from archive and excess fabric. We will continue on this journey, partnering with brands that share with us the same value of moving towards a circular fashion system.

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We want our customers to be confident that we’re providing all the tools needed to feel informed whilst shopping with us. With online tools, new solutions and more in-depth information, we are working to increase our transparency and improve our customer journey. We’re prioritizing sharing more details on actions that we have taken, and that our customers can support, to reduce our environmental impact. We’ll share information on the lowest carbon footprint delivery options and our Group’s carbon offsetting program, so that our customers feel empowered to make conscious choices.

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Unlock our group’s Planet Positive commitments across packaging, carbon offsetting, and additional environmental footprint reductions here.

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We want our customers to feel empowered to make informed decisions through our commitment to creating a conscious experience for them. We will highlight brands and products on the site that meet YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP’s Infinity sustainability and circularity product framework with a ‘Considered’ badge. The qualifying ‘attributes’, at least one of which must be satisfied for our brands and their products to be included in the edit, take into account high-standard social and environmental practices in the fashion industry.

Customers will be able to refine their search through a selection of Considered values, which are the following:


Under this attribute, products are made from at least 50% recycled materials. This means less water and energy have been used and fewer CO2 emissions have been generated, compared to virgin materials.


Under this attribute, products are made from at least 50% of lower-impact materials grown and produced with a significantly reduced environmental footprint, such as better farming practices and closed-loop production systems. 


Under this attribute, products are made from at least 50% organic materials, grown from non-genetically modified seeds without the use of pesticides and synthetics fertilizers. This reduces harm to the land where it grows and those who work to grow it.


Under this attribute, products are manufactured using processes or technologies that significantly reduce environmental impact in terms of reducing use of resources, reducing pollution, or supporting healthy ecosystems. 


Under this attribute, we have partnered with Good On You to allow customers to choose responsible fashion brands that do good. In this section,  find items made from a brand that score ‘Great’ or ‘Good’ on the platform.


Under this attribute, customers will find upcycled products, which means they have been redesigned from archive or excess material to create something new and unique.

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We pledge to offer solutions and recommendations to extend the lives of products we retail through new technologies that can unlock opportunities for circularity in the future, connection to care and repair services, guidance to ensure our clothes can last for longer and informative editorial content on sustainability and circularity to inspire our readers.  

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We are taking part in our Group’s Digital ID pilot program, using EON’s technology and CircularIDTM Protocol, which gives customers greater visibility over where a garment has come from, what it is made of, how to care for it, and eventually, the ability to manage where it might go next. Digital IDs will be launched on 50% of our Iris & Ink fall/winter 2021 products, and will provide access to design and fabric information, care and repair recommendations. In the future, it will also enable re-commerce solutions, accessed via a QR code on a garment’s care label. Over time, the build of a connected and trusted ecosystem of authenticated products will enable the Group to offer new services to its customers, such as virtual wardrobe management, and re-commerce and recycling to allow garments that may fade to start a new beginning and form part of a circular fashion system. 

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In our mission for a more responsible future, we want to engage our customers with luxury fashion that has sustainability and circularity at the heart via THE OUTNET’s dedicated digital editorial content, which raises awareness, celebrates our Considered achievements and inspires further reflection on issues that matter.

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Comprehensive clothing care guides to support our core Considered values and encourage long-lasting fashion.

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We are working to foster inclusivity and diversity in and outside of our organization by nurturing young talent, raising awareness through our commercial content, charity partnerships and fostering a diverse, respectful and welcoming working environment.

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In order to accelerate positive change and empower greater diversity, equity and inclusion at THE OUTNET, we have taken the following initial commitments:

Represent diversity on our site and through our marketing channels to ensure that all our customers, colleagues and partners feel included and welcomed, through our internal Responsible Marketing Policy. We are ensuring and measuring diverse talent representation at THE OUTNET, including models, influencers and those featured within our Editorial content.

As part of our ongoing buying strategy, we want to improve access to and the visibility of brand partners who are committed to supporting diversity, social and environmental change. We are looking to build relationships and work with brands who represent diverse communities, and who can support THE OUTNET’s previous-season business model.

Internally, we have been working to create a more inclusive workplace from within. Many of our colleagues from across THE OUTNET have joined 4 new employee resource groups (Ethnicity, LGBTQ+, Disability and Age) that sit within YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP. The leaders of these communities also lead our Diversity and Inclusion Council to help us drive progress within our Group.

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Charity has always been an important initiative for THE OUTNET. We want to give back to our global community and be part of a positive change to society. It’s essential that we give back to our global community and make a positive impact. This is achieved through donations, both product and financial contributions, education across our content and employee volunteerism. We pledge to support a more inclusive environment by backing and amplifying organizations that are paving the way to a more open and equal world.

In 2021 THE OUTNET supported our charity partner Women for Women International by donating a selection of pieces to their third annual Virtual Car Boot Sale. With the support of all brands, influencers and designer donations, the 2021 Virtual Car Boot Sale raised over £50,000. 100% of the proceeds from the event went towards the charities’ work, supporting women survivors of war and conflict. Through the charities’ program, women are taught the skills they need to rebuild their families and communities. They learn to earn an income and save money, gain knowledge and resources to care for their families, and defend their rights. Women use their power together, passing it onto neighbors and their children for lasting change.

Women for Women remains our primary charity partner and we look forward to continuous support that drives change in women’s lives around the world.

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We understand that it may take time to see significant results, but we are hopeful that our actions and commitments can effect meaningful change. This is Our Considered Pledge.