Have you noticed? The sun is staying out longer, the air is getting balmy, and nature is trying to tell us something… it’s summer! As we get ready to sprint out into the light, we thought we’d check in with a running expert first… the fastest British woman in history, Dina Asher-Smith. As well as being the current British-record holding athlete in the 100m and 200m race, this ultimate sprinter is also a dedicated fashion lover, regularly swapping her ultra-athletic track-gear for an array bold, voluminous dresses whenever and wherever the mood strikes.

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But how does a woman who spends most of her time wiggling herself into lycra and slipping into trainers end up falling in love with bold dresses and standout heels? “My love of fashion I think actually comes from the fact that sometimes it’s a performance, it’s a moment, it’s a pick me up, it’s a time for me to be my best self. I wanna feel like Beyonce!’ Can’t argue with that logic! Dina’s dress-filled selection has us all ready to dress for joy!

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You do you: luxurious loungewear and active staples to suit your needs