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This idea of ‘more for less’ is a theme we’ve been giving much thought to lately. How to get ‘more’ from each item you buy; more style, more wear, more love but for less – be it cost, fuss and waste. Fashion’s prevailing mood this season is not to feel weighed down. We’re craving a spring wardrobe that bursts into our lives, bringing freedom, adventure, and the promise of great times ahead. Yet more than that, we want joyful color in a versatile, pared-back silhouette that we can wear more, and will work with more of our wardrobe. We want to plug in to invigorating print but in designs that work day and night for years to come. We want brands at the height of luxury to make us feel transformed but that also cost less (up to 70% off to be exact) and that we wear for longer to lower their carbon footprint and impact on the environment. So let’s throw open our wardrobes and let in the color, joy and life. These are the pieces to love now and ever more.

Photographed by Mel Bles

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MORE Joyful Color

Nothing can drain the cheer from our closets. This season is awash with vivid hues and highlighter shades that refuse to be ignored. Celebrate every day with a rebellious flash of color. Offset the exuberance with a pared-back silhouette and streamlined accessories – prepare to radiate confidence and style.

Coat, Off-White. Top, Victoria Beckham. Pants, Rodebjer. Shoes, Jimmy Choo. Earrings, Oscar De La Renta.

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MORE Investment Accessories

Are you in the mood for more? So why settle when you can celebrate your style with just the right spirited accessories. A sleek glossy-leather bag in a surprising shade, sunshine-filled sunglasses to look on the bright side and joyful jewelry for that dazzling finishing touch. With just enough playful details, you instantly put the fun back into your wardrobe. It’s all about doing more with less.

(Left) Earrings, Cornelia Webb. Bracelet, Marni. Dress, Helmut Lang. Bag, Marc Jacobs. (Right) Sunglasses, GANNI. Dress, Caroline Constas.

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MORE Ultimate Dresses

It’s time to demand designs where even the sight of them makes you feel raring to go. As the whirl of social engagements begins, nothing beats the versatility of a beautiful dress. We’re ready to choose real clothes that we can wear again and again and always feel our best.

Dress, Victoria Beckham. Earrings, Simon Miller. Shoes, The Row.

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MORE Standout Suits

Find your fearless fashion voice and spring back to life in the season’s “new suit”. With a cut this good you can afford to be daring with the print, fabric or color – we’re getting set for more style, less caution so let’s go!

(Left) Blazer and pants, Marc Jacobs. Earrings, Ben Amun. (Right) Blazer and pants, Les Héroïnes by Vanessa Cocchiaro. Shoes, Magda Butrym. Bag, Gia Studios.

Head of Creative: Chris Brown / Head of Content: Claudia Mahoney / Art-directed by: Liz Muller /Styled by: Sinead Cutts / Fashion Assistants: Angel Cordova-Todd and Simona Mezzina / Senior Video Creative: Teilo Vellacott / DOP: Giles Harvey / Hair by: Kiyoko Odo / Make-up by: Crystabel Riley / Models: Nicole Atieno and Hana Jirickova