As a young British actor, a role in the blockbuster TV series The Crown is like being handed the crown jewels themselves. Erin Doherty may be only 28, but she already had an illustrious theatre career under her belt when she won the part of 1970s-and-1980s-era Princess Anne in 3rd season of the show. A graduate of the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, Doherty grew up in an ‘ordinary’ family in Sussex but caught the acting bug early — and hard — spending every spare hour getting involved in local productions and workshops. She tells us all about the role wardrobe played in developing her take on Princess Anne for the series, the ‘magic’ of creating characters — and why a mini skirt can speak louder than words…

Woman in workwear clothing

The role of Princess Anne? A fashion as well as an artistic dream come true. “As I got into the character, I understood that she was expressing herself through her clothes and it was one of the only options she had.” When it comes to her own style, the actress has grown into a love of fashion: “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve understood what it means to me. It’s a part of who you are and it’s a statement about, ‘this is what I believe,’ which is what I really appreciate about fashion.” She can’t resist mixing masculine and feminine elements and is a self-confessed fan of winter dressing. Her recipe for cold-weather style is a warming mix of mannish blazers and coats, with luxuriously tactile knits underneath. Create your own take on Doherty’s sharp-cozy look with timeless outerwear by Sandro or Stand Studio, combined with cashmere and patterned knits by the likes of N. Peal or Theory.