We are more aware than ever of the impact our fashion purchases can have on the environment. We all want to make better choices, but how can we be sure that what we buy is truly more responsibly made and less impactful on the planet? Introducing THE OUTNET’s Digital ID in partnership with EON.

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Digital IDs are virtual certificates – a passport for your product that records each item’s history and allows you to access unique information, content and services.

As our desire for transparency into our sartorial investments grows, this cutting-edge technology gives you greater understanding of the product you are buying, enabling you to make more conscious choices and compare information.

The first of our brands to feature the exciting venture is our in-house label, Iris & Ink, but it will also be rolled out across our upcycled collaborations.. The capsule collection of stylish wardrobe investments, designed using more conscious processes and lower impact recycled and organic materials, is already committed to creating more sustainable and circular products.

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When we buy a garment, it is often challenging to find out where it was made, what it is made of, and its authenticity. This can make it difficult to care properly for garments over the long-term, to resell them, and even to recycle them. Digital ID can help to overcome these challenges.

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“Offering this unique Digital ID will give our customers the opportunity to engage with what they buy in a more involved way,” says Emma Mortimer, managing director at THE OUTNET. “It will give access to services such as detailed fabric information, styling and care and repair information, helping to extend the life of their products and encourage a circular mindset.”

Not only can you discover exactly what your item is made from, its design details and provenance, you can also learn how to care for it to ensure its long life, as well as get inspiration and style advice on how to team it with different pieces in your wardrobe. The Digital ID also features a selection of geolocalized luxury tailors for restoration services.

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Using Digital ID is easy. Simply scan a discrete QR code sewn into the garment using your phone and unique data on the product will be revealed.

As the Digital ID ecosystem develops, important moments in your item’s life cycle, such as repair or resale, can be digitally stamped in the passport, opening doors for the garment to start a new beginning with another owner or to be recycled correctly. And should you choose to extend the life cycle of your item by passing it onto a new owner – especially if you wish to resell with our OUTNET x Reflaunt concierge service – the Digital ID will allow for instant authentication.

In short, we want to empower you by being informed. When you find something you really love, the more you know about it, the more special it becomes, and we want everything you buy on THE OUTNET to last forever.