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A new podcast hosted by Garance Doré & sponsored by THE OUTNET

Each episode of Pardon My French features illustrator, photographer and author of LOVE x STYLE x LIFE Garance Doré discussing everything from current trends and issues to the personal lives of her special guests. "I listen to podcasts all the time - I think they're the most honest form of sharing there is," says Garance.

Plus, as the exclusive sponsor of Pardon My French, check back regularly for outtakes from each episode, as well as Garance's top style picks from THE OUTNET.

Pardon My French Live!

For the first live podcast, Garance Doré sits down with Phillip Lim, talented designer of his eponymous line, 3.1. Phillip Lim. They discuss the evolution of his brand, what he loves about designing clothes, the importance of small gestures and more!

Garance's picks from Iris & Ink

Episode 13: Embracing your independence with Pat Cleveland

THE OUTNET Exclusive: Pat Cleveland on dressing up, finding your path and inner strength.

In this episode, Garance Doré talks to fashion model Pat Cleveland about empowering women, New York in the '50s, her new book ''Walking with the Muses'' and more.

Episode 12: The Importance of Independence with Linda Rodin

THE OUTNET Exclusive: Linda Rodin talks about working hard, striving for what's important for you and not apologizing for your opinions.

Garance Doré chats to stylist and beauty entrepreneur Linda Rodin about her creative endeavours, the importance of being independent and the evolution of her cult product, RODIN olio lusso.

Episode 11: Friendship x Collaboration with Clare Vivier & Mike D

THE OUTNET Exclusive: Garance sits down with her friends, accessory designer Clare Vivier and Mike D, at the Ludlow Hotel in New York, to talk success, authenticity, and NYC living – and how these have changed over time!

Episode 10: Mating in Captivity with Esther Perel

THE OUTNET Exclusive: Esther talks about falling in love at a young age and the tension between security and adventure.

Garance joins therapist, author and speaker Esther Perel in her beautiful downtown home to talk about achieving your dream career and building a healthy relationship – with a few book recommendations thrown in for good measure!

Episode 9: Sydney to NYC with Rose Byrne & Laura Brown

THE OUTNET Exclusive: Rose Byrne and Laura Brown talk about being yourself, finding your dream roles and introducing Australian marsupials to the world.

Garance Doré heads to The Roxy Hotel with two of her favorite Australians, Rose Byrne and Laura Brown, to talk about how they became friends, life as an adult and unforgettable moments in their careers.

Episode 8: Staying true to yourself with Corinne Bailey Rae

THE OUTNET Exclusive: Corinne Bailey Rae talks about tours and seeing the world through music.

Today's episode sees Garance chat to musician Corinne Bailey Rae about creating music, touring the world and dealing with heartache at Narcissa in the Standard Hotel, East Village.

Episode 7: Creativity with Isaac Mizrahi

THE OUTNET Exclusive: Isaac discusses his love of writing and sketching and the difference between his public and private personas.

This week, Garance talks to fashion designer, TV presenter and entertainer Isaac Mizrahi about '80s style, becoming a fashion designer and constantly following your heart.

Episode 6: Spreading love with Curtis Kulig & Jérôme Jarre

THE OUTNET Exclusive: Curtis and Jérôme talk about transformation and taking a much-needed break.

In this episode, Garance sits down with artists Curtis Kulig and Jérôme Jarre at Curtis' studio in downtown NYC to discuss spreading love around the world through their street art.

Episode 5: The Art of Entertaining with Gad Elmaleh & Alireeza Niroomand

THE OUTNET Exclusive: Alireeza and Gad talk about the land of opportunity and the key to giving your best performance.

Today's episode sees Garance sits down with close friend Alireeza Niroomand and French/Moroccan comedian, Gad Elmaleh at Django, the jazz club at TriBeCa's Roxy Hotel. On the agenda: careers, the differences between dating in France and in America and the little surprises in life that excite them most.

Episode 4: La Parisienne with Isabel Marant & Caroline de Maigret

THE OUTNET Exclusive: Isabel and Caroline talk about wearing your own designs and the importance of smiling every now and then.

In this week's episode, Garance Doré talks to fashion designer Isabel Marant and model Caroline de Maigret in Isabel's studio in the heart of Paris. Download it now to hear them chat about attaining 'effortless' style, marriage (or lack there of) and finding balance in life through dance.

Episode 3: Uncovering L.A. with Erin & Sara Foster

THE OUTNET Exclusive: Erin and Sarah talk about turning 30 and why being single is great.

Download this week's episode to hear Garance Doré discuss L.A. society and culture with Erin and Sara Foster, native Angelinos and the duo behind parody reality show Barely Famous on VH1.

Episode 2: Finding balance with Zosia Mamet

THE OUTNET Exclusive: Zosia talks about acting – and not having a Plan B.

Don't forget to check out this week's episode to listen to Garance chat to 'Girls' star Zosia Mamet at Navy Restaurant in New York about acting and her dream of heading for the hills with just animals for company.

Episode 1: Friendship with Emily Mortimer & Dolly Wells

THE OUTNET Exclusive: Hear Emily and Dolly talk about long-time friendship and more, exclusively for THE OUTNET.

Listen to the first episode of Pardon My French to hear Garance chat to Emily Mortimer and Dolly Wells about their new HBO series 'Doll & Em'.

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