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THE OUTNET is proud to support the philanthropist’s environmental charity, DIRT

Words: Victoria Lancaster

Sustainability has become Arizona Muse’s calling. Having established herself as a sought-after model with countless magazine covers and luxury campaigns, nearly a decade ago, she switched her focus to the climate emergency and environmental issues. Muse’s fashion background prompted her to ask, ‘where exactly do our clothes come from?’ Her consequent work in driving positive change is both a passion project and crusade. “To be sustainable means to think about the future, to know that your actions mean something,” she explains.

In 2021, she launched her charity, DIRT, dedicated to regenerating soil and biodynamic farming initiatives, getting right down to the roots of where clothes are grown and how. Soil, she says, is “the foundation for the regeneration of earth”. In celebration of this vital cause, THE OUTNET is proud to support DIRT’s Education Fund, which forms a fundamental part of the foundation’s mission. “It is a true joy to find alchemy with like-minded people who also want to take care of Mother Earth,” says Muse of the partnership.

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DIRT’s Education Fund supports a global network of Biodynamic Education Centers and Biodynamic Colleges around the world to educate farmers in regenerative agriculture. It supports new textile curriculums, schools, and scholarships, so that biodynamic farmers have the resources to learn how to raise and grow fibers like wool, hemp, cotton, and leathers in quantities high enough for commercial textile demand.


Biodynamic farming is a crucial piece of the climate solution story. Everything we need is grown in soil by farmers. Regenerative agriculture is a way forward — the chemical-free method of restoring the soil’s nutrients has the potential to positively and significantly impact how garments are made.


The aim of the Education Fund is to increase the number of biodynamic farmers and ultimately move towards a future where biodynamic textiles are widely available in the world of fabrics and fashion. Given that most of our materials are not grown on biodynamic farms (yet), Muse declares, “the change that this could have is enormous.”

Wedding pictures
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