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“I always loved making an entrance and I always loved having people turn around in the street and think: ‘Oh my God, what is she wearing?’ and not necessarily always in a good way.”

We caught up with Oscar-nominated British actress, Florence Pugh, to find out how she navigates her off-screen style.

Used to turning heads - most recently as one of the leading names in the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster, Black Widow - off screen she embraces a myriad of trends.

“Even as an adult I wouldn't look in my wardrobe and say that I have one specific style,” she explains. “I like dipping in and out of different versions of myself.” 

In her latest role, the 25-year-old swapped the sweeping skirts of director Greta Gerwig’s Little Women, for the zipped-up uniforms of deadly action hero Yelena Belova, Scarlett Johansson’s athletic sidekick in the dark thriller. For her own wardrobe she loves experimenting with texture and color especially in dresses - so long as they come with plenty of comfort.

“It’s always been very apparent that I do have two sides and whether it's me going out onto a red carpet or me going onto a stage or me going to set, you are in some way performing,” she adds. “Keeping those two things separate actually makes me feel good about both and if I want to be home and wearing my Joni Mitchell hippie dress then fantastic, and if I then want to go and be punk Cinderella on the weekend even better.”

After all, when it comes to what to wear, your outfit should empower you. “When you feel good in the clothes that you're wearing you are unstoppable,” she says. We couldn’t agree more Florence.


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