The Romans believed that no matter how many empires rose or fell, the capital would go on forever — hence the name The Eternal City.  

Brimming with culture and piled high with history, summer is one of the most exhilarating times to visit, and who better to escort you away from the crowds and the glaring sun than Carin Olsson, the style influencer who seamlessly splits her time between Rome, Paris and her native Sweden.  

Let her guide you through the labyrinth of cobbled streets to the hidden gems —from the perfect spot for an early-morning cappuccino to the best place for a sunset aperitivo — in a style that is never off-duty.  

Hers is a refreshing perspective on a well-loved city – it's time to enjoy la dolce vita… 

Wedding pictures
Wedding pictures
Blue cashmere sweater

There’s a secret to dressing like an Italian… 

“I love that Italian women aren’t afraid to dress up, accessorize and be themselves. They’re definitely not scared of standing out. I love how older women accessorize with statement jewelry (often in gold) and gravitate towards bolder colors. Being a Swede myself, this is not what I’m used to but I’m learning to slowly embrace it.” 

My style for day… 

“My favorite go-to piece is a long summer dress, comfortable shoes (looking at you, cobble stones of Rome!) and wicker basket. The longer dresses are so lovely to wear when it gets so hot in the city and it also gives you a little bit extra protection from the sun.” 

And dressing in the evening… 

“I love to wear a warm color along with gold jewelry and a summery bag.” 

To relax, I like to… 

“I try to start every morning with a Pilates, grounding or stretching class together with my favorite The Pilates Class. It really helps me both mentally and physically — especially during more stressful times or when your head is spinning a little bit extra. When the weather allows it, I love to do a morning stretch on my balcony while the birds sing and play in the sky and the city slowly awakens.” 

And when I have a spare five minutes… 

“There’s nothing better than to grab a seat at a local café and just listen to people chatting around you. I watch Vespas zooming by and look at people passing while drinking a coffee or a glass of wine.” 

Finally, what I love about the way of life in Rome… 

“I love how Italians’ embrace life and take the time to truly enjoy.” 

“I love to start my mornings at the local market in my neighborhood in Rome, picking out fruit and vegetables for the week. On my way there I usually stop for a little coffee and cornetto by the river before the city really wakes up. It’s my favorite time of the entire day.” 

“During summer afternoons, there’s no better place for a picnic than under the trees in the gardens of Hotel Villa Pamphili Roma. I love finding a little spot in the high grass in the shade, together with friends, with some wine and snacks.” 

“I love having drinks on a rooftop somewhere in the city. My favorite at the moment is at the Hotel de la Ville. From there you can watch the sun set over the city while listening to music and drinking spritz. There’s really nothing better.”