That precious designer bag, those head-turning never-been-worn shoes – we believe that if you love something (even a luxury accessory) you should set it free. Now, it has never been easier to give new life to your past fashion loves thanks to THE OUTNET’s luxury resale concierge service in partnership with Reflaunt. Hassle free, it takes all of the slog out of selling – Reflaunt’s expert team will collect, photograph, price and list your items and, thanks to its extensive network, your goods can reach a potential global audience of more than 100 million pre-loved shoppers, giving you the best chance of making a sale. By prolonging the lifespan of your pieces, you are conserving the world’s resources and reducing landfill waste – and it couldn’t be easier.

Blue cashmere sweater

1 Why is it important to resell your past fashion loves?

The future of luxury fashion lies in the ability to keep beautifully crafted pieces in circulation for longer to maximize their potential and extend their timeless value. Resale plays a crucial role in achieving this by extending the lifespan of these pieces and reducing their environmental impact. By passing along your unwanted pieces, you're actively participating in the reduction of landfill waste, as well as supporting a more long-lasting approach to fashion. You're also maximizing their potential and timeless value, and conserving resources that would otherwise be used in the production of new clothing.

2 Why is it so much easier to sell through Reflaunt?

Reflaunt is a pioneer in the circular fashion economy that allows customers to resell with ease, convenience and flexibility. Reselling your items is hassle-free, simply list a minimum of three items and we'll arrange a complimentary collection from your home or drop-off at one of our convenient locations. A team of experts will handle everything from photography to pricing, and send you an email with pricing information for your approval. Once your item is sold, you can choose to receive payment as THE OUTNET store credit, with an additional 10 per cent bonus, or as cash via bank transfer. With Reflaunt, you can easily extend the life of your clothing while earning some extra cash.

3 How does the service increase your chances of making a sale?

Reflaunt has a global network of leading pre-loved marketplaces and cutting-edge technology that allows your pieces to be instantly listed across multiple channels, maximizing your chances of a successful sale. Once you approve the proposed pricing, your items are immediately listed via Reflaunt on the world’s largest resale channels. Thanks to this extensive network, your items can reach a potential global audience of more than 100 million pre-loved shoppers, giving them the best chance of finding a new home.

4 Any tips on how to ensure your item sells?

When selling pre-loved pieces, it's the little details that can make all the difference. First, ensure the items are in line with our acceptance criteria, which ranges from ‘new’ to ‘very good’ condition. Then, make sure you clean your items before shipping them. Indeed the difference in price between a "moderate" and "excellent" condition rating can be as much as 10 to 15 per cent. If you still have the original boxes, dust bags, and tags, even better! Make sure you include them when selling.

5 Any brands we should hunt out at the back of our wardrobes?

Resale has long been driven by luxury heritage brands. These all carry a strong resale market value, particularly for their classic handbags, clothing and accessories, thanks to their timeless style and reputation for quality. But what also stands out today is cool, contemporary brands. The hunt for rare pieces and the urge for uniqueness is bringing back vintage designers too, as well as iconic bags from the past.

6 And will there be any charges if your items don’t sell?

There is a return fee of $15 (capped at $45) should your items not sell or if you change your mind. You can always increase the chances of finding a new owner by reducing the price of your items directly on your My Wardrobe page.

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